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Steel Bar Grating

Steel Bar Grating offers many important advantages as a commercial and industrial material. 

Because it can be fabricated to fit any shape, including cutouts, and coated with a variety of finishes, Steel Bar Grating is the most economical choice for most applications. Bar Grating as trench covers is just one of its many uses. Its adaptability and strength make it well suited for uses such as catwalks, stairs, platforms, grates, grills, fencing, vaults, ventilated bin floors, ramps, docks, fire escapes, window and machinery guards, wash racks, running boards, ventilations screens, and many more applications. At Peterson Company, we have a full fabrication shop, able to meet any project designs you might have and at a competitive price. Our ready-to-ship inventory includes standard panel sizes of 2′ x 24′ or 3′ x 24′, both in plain mill. black painted, or hot dipped galvanized.

Bar Grating offers maximum strength with minimal weight. The load bearing bars combined with the cross rods offer the capability of supporting loads ranging from light pedestrian traffic to the heaviest vehicular loads, while remaining lighter than similar cast iron products. Bar Grating is designed with up to 80% of the square footage being open area. This allows free flowing fluids, mud, and other debris, keeping the area clean, while still catching most falling tools and other dangerous objects.

With its great economy, adaptability, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and high percentage of open area, Bar Grating is a good choice for most pedestrian walkways, work platforms, stairs, and anywhere vehicle traffic is expected. 

Materials & Finishes

steelSteel Bar Grating is manufactured by a forge welding process that insures a completely fused joint. This joint can withstand severe bending without separating, making welded gratings ideal for most industrial applications.

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