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Wire has many uses and many designs. The vast range of materials that it can be produced from is incredible. Some popular applications are: Architecture, Automotive, Computer, electronics, Food, Metalworking, Mining – Smelting, Railroads, Steel Producers and many more.

steel wire

Peterson Company’s new, expanded facilities allow for larger inventory and faster delivery.

wire gate

Huge Inventory of Steel Welded Wire

2” X 2” - .187 wire

3” X 3” - .250 wire

4” X 4” - .250 wire

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Plain Weave, Lock Crimp, Intercrimp, Flat Top Weave

Plain Weave: Openings are square and wire sizes are the same in both directions. Each warp wire passes over and under the shute wire at right angles in both directions. Plain Weave is one of the standard types of weaves for wire cloth.

Lock Crimp: This crimp provides accurate screen opening for the life of the screen. Lock Crimp is used when plain weave will not hold their accurate openings.

Intercrimp: Mainly used with larger openings and with greater
stability, maximum rigidity and tightness.

Flat Top Crimp: The crimping is offset to one side producing a woven wire with all wire surfaces in a single plane on the top. The even and flat surface allows materials to flow smoothly over the top of the cloth.

2 Mesh

2 Mesh

6 Mesh

6 Mesh

10 Mesh

10 Mesh