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Traction Tread Grating

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Traction Tread Grating

metal tread planks Traction Tread panels have a surface of perforated raised buttons. The perforations allow spillage to drain and break oil film, detergent, and other slippery agents away from the walking surface. Traction Tread is ideal for pedestrian traffic and the button design is the best in the industry for allowing women in heels, as well as a men in work boots, to walk comfortably and safely over the surfaces. This product is offered in planks and 36” x 120” sheets. Traction Tread services many applications such as pedestrian walkways, scaffold planking, mezzanines, stair treads, the resurfacing of worn materials, etc. – useful anywhere a light slip-resistance flooring is required.

Flooring, Plank, and ladder rungs, sheet, material, gauge, width, channel height, aluminum

Materials & Finishes

A, B, C spaces at 5/8" each
skid resistant buttons
traction tread plank