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Stair Treads

steel stair treads
steel stair treads

Checkered Plate Nosing (Standard)


Cast Abrasive Nosing


Corrugated Nosing (Alum. Treads Only)

Other types of available treads
• Grip Struts
• Traction Tread
• Algrip
• Perf-O Grip
• Grate Lock

Standard widths of Bar Grating Stair Treads: · 5 inches · 9–3/4 inches · 6–3/16 inches · 10–15/16 inches · 7–3/8 inches · 12–1/8 inches · 8–9/16 inches. The maximum length is determined by the width, bearing bar thickness, and surface of stair tread. For example, a stair tread with a bearing bar height of 1 inch cannot be any longer than 36 inches with a plain surface. If it has a serrated surface, the maximum length would be 30 inches. Bearing Bar Height Bearing Bar Thickness Plain Surface Serrated Surface 3/4 3/16 28 24 1 3/16 41 34 1-1/4 3/16 56 50 1-1/2 3/16 66 63 * The maximum tread length is based on a 300-lb concentrated load on nosing and 4 bearing bars at center of tread length.

     Cast Abrasive               Extruded Aluminum       Checkered Plate

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Bar Grating Stair Tread Availability

The “A” dimension in the illustration varies according to the width of the stair tread. See the “A” Dimension Table below for exact measurements. The “B” and “C” dimensions in the illustration vary according to the material that the end plate is made from. See the “B” and “C” Dimension table below for exact measurements.

Traction Tread Stair Tread Carrier Plate Dimensions