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Perf-O Grip

PERFO-GRIP® Grating’s unique surface of large debossed holes and perforated buttons provides maximum slip protection and performance under practically all conditions and in every direction. In addition to providing safety, the resilient surface of PERFO-GRIP® Grating cushions impact of foot-falls thereby lessening worker fatigue and increasing efficiency. PERFO-GRIP® Grating is one of your best safety buys. It cuts costs and helps improve plant productivity. A variety of standard widths and channel heights are available as well as numerous non-standard shapes and sizes to meet almost any requirements of strength, size, durability, weight, finish, appearance and application. PERFO-GRIP® Grating combines safety and durability with ease of fabrication and versatility. One-piece construction minimizes the need for field fabrication. Special shapes and forming can be accomplished to suit unusual requirements. PERFO-GRIP® Grating may be hot dipped galvanized after fabrication, anodized, plated, plastic-coated or otherwise finished to suit job requirements. Standard PERFO-GRIP® Plank is available in materials and sizes to meet most load/span requirements. May be used as is, or banded, cut, welded or notched to suit requirements.

FAST INSTALLATION – Light, easy-to-handle planks make installation simple and quick. They can be handled by one person. Most sections are rapidly bolted, clamped or welded into place, easily field cut at virtually any angle, or fabricated to adapt to field conditions. 

Perf-O Grip, stock lengths, channel depth, hole sizes

In addition to low material cost and nominal erection cost, PERFO-GRIP® Grating also features long-lasting rust-resistant materials and finishes. Standard mill-galvanized finish resists corrosion to provide lasting surfaces. High-strength aluminum, Type 316-2D and Type 304-2D stainless steels are available to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Black unpainted steel is available for those installations requiring paint. Lightweight but brawny panels permit substantial reduction in structural steel requirements.


PERFO-GRIP® Bolt Seats provide a secure anchor of the grating to structural supports.
The standard bolt seat features oblong holes specifically designed to ensure a vertical anchor (with a 3/8” bolt) even if the hole is off concentrically by as much as 1/4”. PERFO-GRIP® Double Bolt Seats are available to maximize the attachment location flexibility by providing approximately 2” of longitudinal adjustment.

Available in mill galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Hardware is not provided.


PERFO-GRIP® Midsupport Clips can be used at midspan to increase load carrying capacities of individual channels by fastening several planks together to form an integral section. The Midsupport Clip is manufactured from galvanized steel and includes two bolts.

mid clip
mid clip


PERFO-GRIP® J-Clips fasten the grating securely to the supporting steel without drilling holes. Standard finish is galvanized. Hardware is not provided.