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Grate Lock

COST-SAVING DESIGN IMPROVES LOADING PERFORMANCE – The unique design of GRATE-LOCK® Grating gives you more design options – at less cost than any other grating systems. Increased load performance (see charts) has been achieved through interlocking planks,
stronger rung design and an expanded selection of leg heights and material gauges. GRATE-LOCK® Grating lets
you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material saving.

MORE SIZES, GAUGES– GRATE-LOCK® Grating provides the broadest line products of any manufacturer. Available in three plank widths, four plank heights, three gauges and lengths to 24’. Interlocking sections provide the strength you need for extra-wide designs.

FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES, TOO– Our line includes kickplates, hold-down clamps, attachment hardware and stair treads for complete job design.

FAST BOLT-TOGETHER ASSEMBLY– Save time in the field with GRATE-LOCK® bolt- together slotted assemblies. Kickplates and plank sections are pre-punched. For additional ease, planks can be straight, curved or angle cut with hand tools.

grate lock: FM, FF, MM
grate lock

GRATE-LOCK® Grating is an easy-to-install system of interlocking grating planks, treads and accessories that provides safe, sturdy footing for mezzanine floors, platforms, walkways and other applications where non-slip performance is required. Hundreds of sole-gripping dimples insure a safe surface in all kinds of weather
and environments. The grating is available textured for safer working surfaces, non-textured for wheeled traffic or rack decking.

grate lock: side kickplate, end kickplate, kick plate clip, hold down clamp, top screw self-drilling, hex head bolt

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