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The most widely used aluminum pressure locked grating is the rectangular bar SG series. The square cross bars are assembled through punched diamond shaped holes in rectangular bearing bars, and are permanently locked into place by a swaging process. It provides clean, crisp lines using recessed cross bar and eliminates the need for any type of welding to form the panels. By using the most modern technology available, swaged bar grating allows for a variety of spacings including those that conform to the American with Disabilities Act. Because of its aesthetic appeal and the ability to meet tight tolerances, this product is often used for architectural applications. Slip resistant surfaces are available. 

Aluminum table of common spacings chart

Where economy is a major consideration, the I-Bar SGI Series offers a popular and reasonably priced alternative to rectangular bar grating. Extruded I-Bar sections have the same load carrying capacity with less weight per square foot than rectangular bars. The striated top and bottom flanges provide a “built-in” skid resistance feature without the added cost of serrating. 

Aluminum bars