Steel Division

Idaho line card

GPS Clocks
Power Multimeters & Gas Analyzers
Revenue Meters

NiCad Batteries and Chargers

Polymer Suspension Insulators
Line Post Insulators
Porcelain Station Post Insulators

Specialists in Electric Power Switching, Protection and Control.
Metal-Enclosed Switchgear
Pad-Mounted Switchgear
Load Interrupter Switches
TripSaver®II Cutout Mounted Recloser
IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter
Power Fuses, Fuse Links
Microgrids – Hardware, Software & Controls
ENERGYLINE – IntelliCAP® – Automatic Capacitor Controls
IntelliTeam® – Switch Controls
IntelliTeam® Volt-Var (IT-VV)

Complete Transmission & Substation Structures
Standard Shape, Tapered Tubular, & Lattice Tower
Engineering, Detailing, Galvanizing

Power Transformers
Distribution Transformers

Contractor & Industrial Market Only

Substation and Transmission Air Brake Disconnects
Up to 4000 Amps

Fibercrete Precast Concrete Bases
for switchgear and transformers
Precast Trench
Duct Systems

Smart Grid Sensor, Specialized High Voltage Hardware, Emergency Restoration System Structures

Faulted Circuit Indicators

Power System Monitors
Digital Fault Recorders
Dist. Disturbance Recorders

Ductile Iron Distribution & Transmission Poles

Armor-Grip Suspension
Armor Rods
Distribution Ties
Wildlife and Raptor Protection – Fiber Optic Cable Accessories
Splice Cases